Album: Eternal Halls Asunder (c) 2013

Instruments: Off-brand 6-string acoustic, Korg m50

The road untraveled is the one to walk
Through hidden mountains and honey stalk
Let is unravel the chain and the lock
Unbidden and uncounted hollow clock

Some choke on regret in their latter days
Alive without living a sorry state
When the rope’s ’round our necks we step from the haze
Regretting regrets but it’s too late

With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare
With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll…

On the pathless path through the gateless gate
The weeds are regarded like swaying jades
In bridal meadows beyond chance and fate
Each has been parted but one remains

Live each day like it’s the first and the last
Give without thinking of what’s given back
Smile more often when you’re alone
Dwell in the moment you are home

With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare
With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare

COMMENTS: Technically, my most popular song with 700 something listens on SoundCloud. The title means living life always mindful that life ends. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. When we’re aware of our mortality and the mortality of everyone we love, it can open up a vast well of gratitude.

The, “When the rope’s ’round our necks” line represents all death, it doesn’t necessarily pertain to suicide or a literal, ya know, lynching.

My goal with the background synthpad was to make it sound a little Clockwork Orangey (I fucking LOVE that theme song). There were originally more lyrics during the chorus, but they just didn’t fit, so I deleted them during editing, only leaving “With a deathbed philosophy, the better you’ll fare,” behind.

The breakdown at 3:00 represents dying, the experience of everything coming undone. To get across that “falling” feeling, all the instruments are playing different lines.

The lyrics in this tune are heavily inspired by Zen, which I was practicing at the time. The third verse even uses explicitly Zen terms like “The pathless path” and “The gateless gate” which is actually a book of Zen koans.

As a nod to Roger Waters, I enunciate all the T’s in this song.