Welcome to the corner of my mind where I store some of the music I’ve made. Along with the tunes, you’ll find the lyrics and some short notes on the tracks.

Unless states otherwise, all words & music are by Johnathon Lee Pendall. I’ll add more tracks over time and eventually give each one its own page to simplify things.


Album: Eternal Halls Asunder (c) 2013

Instruments: Off-brand 6-string acoustic, Ibanez Artcore electric guitar, Korg M50

Sweet lady silence she sings to me
With an ancient tender melody
When at rest all’s in harmony
The silent witness to breathe and be

In a warm room laughing with close friends
The silence sometimes settles in
A subtle tap a gentle wind
Before the voices rise up again

With every step she’s my, companion
Solitude without beginning or end
Through city streets and curving canyons
She never breaks only bends

Enchanting unknown I sit with you
With knees bent on gleaming dew
She will always see me through
Whispering words I never knew

COMMENTS: The lyrics and melody came first in this song. I think created them while listening to the droning bathroom fan. I had a basic idea of what I wanted in this track from the get-go, but getting there took a little finangling. Take 1 was basically an acoustic demo. I was listening to the demo when I recorded the final vocals for the song – this helped me keep time during the silent parts at the beginning.

The bass in this song has a delay on it, that’s what gives it its galloping feel. I was actually playing something different.

The second verse in the song was inspired by a hangout with two close friends and one not-so-close acquaintance. She was a serious extrovert, to the conversation just kept battering against my cortex like a tsunami. Then, a pause settled over the room. I think she found it awkward but, to me, it was bliss.

Deathbed Philosophy

Album: Eternal Halls Asunder (c) 2013

Instruments: Off-brand 6-string acoustic, Korg m50

The road untraveled is the one to walk
Through hidden mountains and honey stalk
Let is unravel the chain and the lock
Unbidden and uncounted hollow clock

Some choke on regret in their latter days
Alive without living a sorry state
When the rope’s ’round our necks we step from the haze
Regretting regrets but it’s too late

With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare
With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll…

On the pathless path through the gateless gate
The weeds are regarded like swaying jades
In bridal meadows beyond chance and fate
Each has been parted but one remains

Live each day like it’s the first and the last
Give without thinking of what’s given back
Smile more often when you’re alone
Dwell in the moment you are home

With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare
With a deathbed philosophy the better you’ll fare

COMMENTS: Technically, my most popular song with 700 something listens on SoundCloud. The title means living life always mindful that life ends. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. When we’re aware of our mortality and the mortality of everyone we love, it can open up a vast well of gratitude.

The, “When the rope’s ’round our necks” line represents all death, it doesn’t necessarily pertain to suicide or a literal, ya know, lynching.

My goal with the background synthpad was to make it sound a little Clockwork Orangey (I fucking LOVE that theme song). There were originally more lyrics during the chorus, but they just didn’t fit, so I deleted them during editing, only leaving “With a deathbed philosophy, the better you’ll fare,” behind.

The breakdown at 3:00 represents dying, the experience of everything coming undone. To get across that “falling” feeling, all the instruments are playing different lines.

The lyrics in this tune are heavily inspired by Zen, which I was practicing at the time. The third verse even uses explicitly Zen terms like “The pathless path” and “The gateless gate” which is actually a book of Zen koans.

As a nod to Roger Waters, I enunciate all the T’s in this song.

Sharp Open Sea

Album: Neurotic Oaks (c) 2014

Instruments: Takamine 12-string acoustic, Ibanez fretless bass, tambourine, bag of leaves, Korg M50

‘neath the moonlight their bare bodies ablaze
Alive with the glow of the fire’s warm rays
They raise up their arms to the timeless sky
And chant ancient words in the space between sighs

Tomorrow dawns in the night
Seeds planted ‘neath the snow
Their minds swim in delight
Coursing in the freedom from the known

The sharp open sea bends softly
In tune with celestial guides
And fire dancers dance formlessly
Bringing living to life

Their awareness is airborne autumn leaves
Scattered to edges of all that can be
The first thought ever birthed came in a dream
The self was their gift to all sentient beings

The untold tale is the truth
The one we can’t conceive
The tree within the root
The stars within the leaves

The sharp open sea bends softly
In tune with celestial guides
And the fire dancers dance formlessly
Having brought living to life

COMMENTS: I really dig this song. I mean, I got to play a bag of leaves in it. A bag of leaves. That’s what that thwacking sound is in the right speaker. I filled up a garbage bag with dry leaves and then… how do I describe it… I don’t know, there aren’t any words to describe what I did, but it was a pretty simple motion. The tricky part was that I had to play the tambourine at the same time by hitting it against my knee. I only had a 4-track recorder, and the vocal parts were already taking up 3 of them.

The 12-string was borrowed from a close friend of mine and I tuned it to open C# (hence the name of the song) C#G#C#F#G#C#.

This track was dedicated to Halloween, I recorded and released it a few days beforehand. It’s a creationist tale, in which a coven of celestial witches endowed living beings with sentience.

I sang in a higher pitch in this song, and I close the timbre by directing my voice to the point just above my gums.

Sail via Divinoure

Album: Surreality (c) 2012

Featuring Seth Robbins on accompanying vocals

Instruments: Ibanez electric-acoustic 6-string, Korg M50

Find your mind aboard
The good ship Divinoure

You don’t know what you’re in for
As you hasten toward foreign shores

You’ll meet strange people wearing strange faces
But here you are the stranger

You’ll be shot out of tubes and led through hidden rooms
It’s intense but there’s no danger

It’s a grand masquerade after you’ll see the charade
Of the life you led before

You can forget yourself and become someone else
On the good ship Divinoure

Grasp on tight to the Secret Sage
Let your guide take you away

And find the Floor of Eternity
This is where you were meant to be

COMMENTS: This is an oldie. I don’t even have that Ibanez acoustic anymore. This track is a tribute to the (legal at the time) psychedelic herb salvia divinorum. Much of the song summarizes experience myself and others have had while partaking. “Let your guide take you away” refers to a common experience salvia users have. Many of them encounter a guide of some kind during the trip that eases their fears and offers them direction.

It took hours of fiddling to get the watery sounding bass in this song.

Seth’s vocals (higher voice in the right speaker) were recorded in his kitchen. Mine (as usual) were recorded in my garage.

Nation of Waste

Album: Eternal Halls Asunder (c) 2013

Instruments: Ibanez Artcore electric guitar, Korg M50

Move to the rhythm of the modern age
Trying to turn back to an earlier phrase
In the middle of the ocean there’s a nation of waste
Casted off plastics of the human race

We can’t erase what’s been done
Can only replace one with one

Cancerous fingers point toward the sky
With deranged beauty they strangle our time
Carving through nature just to survive
There are more ways that we can get by

COMMENTS: The trippy part of this song is that right when I thought up the opening guitar riffs, I already had the drumbeat in mind even though the two wouldn’t seem to go together under normal circumstances.

Anyway, this song’s about how we pillage the environment. Half of it’s instrumental.


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