So, I think I want to write a book of poetry and prose about the human condition in all of its messy glory. Odds are, I’ll end up self-publishing it like I’ve done in the past, but ya never know.

Some of the things I’ve posted on here will get tossed into it, but I’ll keep a lot of content offline as well. No point in selling something if it’s all available on the net for free, after all.

If I do decide to self-publish it, I’d love to look for visual artists on here to do a work-for-hire under an attribution license for the cover. This is still weeks or even months down the road, just felt inspired to bring it up right now for some reason.

The art would basically represent the human condition, that dynamic play of opposites that defines us. The ugliness, beauty, perfection, and utter fucked-upness that makes us human.


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