There is much in life
Too enjoyable for me to enjoy.

Opium, ecstasy, cocaine;
High-priced hookers,
Exotic champagnes.

Utter solitude
On a mountain peak,
Fields of bliss
Oceans of peace.

Over-thinking –
The most enticing of all!
Drowning in neural sparks,
Chasing thoughts the span of years;
Light years! Beyond the reaches,
Boundlessly leaping with logic
As a spear.

I’m not inclined to simplicity
Anymore than I’m inclined
To moderation. I want
What I share to be
Luminous, not…

But my complex wanderings
Have freed no one, most of all me.
Is there a point somewhere
Between extremes?

I need to learn how to whisper,
How to speak slow, and deeper.
How to stretch a word, to digest
A thought, instead of gorging
On novels of proliferating

Moments like this, it’s as if
A balloon is deflating,
Shrinking, disappearing,
I was mostly empty space.

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