I’m more akin to the wind
Than the stubborn wills of man.
With an affinity for the formless,
I sway about the days –
Whichever way.
Fierce but still,
Bitter but warm,
Without traces.
The waters weep –
Carried across
To the other shore.
Poet breeze,
None have seen me
Only that which I carry,
Which changes
From day to day –
Whichever way.
A quick wit,
A wink and nod –
A sorrowing frown,
A lonely song –
A fragrance sweet,
A flavor sour –
Dust and dirt,
Rain on rust,
Stirring earth
Boundlessly bounding
Through open fields,
Whistling through
Pinhole caverns,
I am as you are,
Moving in step
Matching your
Pace, watching
Your face
Finding my place
Whichever way.
You will never know
Me completely –
The blue goes
On forever…

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