The future hangs oppressive,
That flickering shadow
In the corners of my cortex.

I’d rather just live,
Engage with whatever
Floods my senses.

But the tirades of progress
Tell me to desire something more:
Autonomy, fame, wealth,
Sex appeal…

Foolish enough to want it
And wise enough to see
I’ve been commanded to.

I never know fear today,
It’s only in thoughts
Of tomorrow that
It pierces my amygdala.

I’ve only ever desired
Wine, writing, and song,
With perhaps a love affair
And a back alley romp
… Here and there.

I’m a man out of time,
Disconnected from the zeitgeist.
There is no place for me here,
But in the hearts of those I love –

I understand little else,
And care for even less.
Why does humanity seek
Such squalid domestication?


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