I can only say, after years of searching,
Make peace with the dialectic that turns
Both within and without, no boundary.
For each person, there are many facets
And they need not contradict,
They need not condition dissonance.
Nothing exists in any particular way,
But in a state of constant liminosity –
Shifting and adjusting to the changes at large.
Let your narratives crumble, for no single truth
Can contain you. Clear your mind,
Relax your muscles, pay attention to
The ever changing process within you
And you will see that you are free
Of having to be this or that extreme.
The lover and the loner;
The mother, sister, and daughter;
The father, brother, and son;
The worker, the dreamer, the slave;
The winner, the fuck up, the in-between;
The genius, the dullard; the caring
And the callous – all of this is within you.
The mind is a big place, there’s room
For contradictions. Simply follow the breeze
And be as the moment commands,
Then an underlying theme is revealed
A thread without knots running through
The coarse and soft weaves.
Make peace with the dialectic
And be free.


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