Teacher Tips: How to Interact with Students

The old model for Buddhist teachers isn’t really suited for Western society. The old model paints teachers as aloof authority figures who are either only concerned with a student’s practice, or they pose abstract riddles and are only concerned with the student answering them in a visceral, spontaneous way. They lay down the law and […]

Should Enlightenment Be a Goal?

No. That’s all. Have a nice day. Alright, so I guess it’s unskillful to just leave it at that. There’s been a long debate in Buddhism, especially Zen, about sudden vs. gradual enlightenment. Sudden enlightenment means that “good works” like meritorious actions, meditating, keeping the precepts, or even holding Right Views are beside the point. […]

The TTB Team Interviews Author Shozan Jack Haubner

So, this was awesome. We got to sit down with the author of the books Zen Confidential and Single White Monk, Shozan Jack Haubner. http://thetattooedbuddha.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/TTB-Podcast-Jack-Haubner.mp3 I love working with The Tattooed Buddha. It’s amazing how much it’s become a part of my life.

Dig It? (Free verse)

I dig open rooms     without any furniture,     clean walls without     any frames. I dig the fragrance of books,     rubber, and burning leaves. I dig the lullaby of footsteps,     whispering trees, cars passing,     and clacking hooves. I dig the way water moves. I dig towering clouds, floating     mountains on the horizon,     and tiger lilies burning bright […]

Thought Baubles (Free verse)

There is much in life Too enjoyable for me to enjoy. Opium, ecstasy, cocaine; High-priced hookers, Exotic champagnes. Utter solitude On a mountain peak, Fields of bliss Oceans of peace. Over-thinking – The most enticing of all! Drowning in neural sparks, Chasing thoughts the span of years; Light years! Beyond the reaches, Boundlessly leaping with […]